who will survive?

↳ brightley asked:  t-dog or tyreese?

just said o w

You are so brave, and so quiet, that sometimes we forget you are suffering.

make me choose: lovegoodlupin asked laurie holden or ellen page

waiting for the bang as i light a bitter fuse

lower your weapons
you will be met
you have arrived at
t e r m i n u s

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I shot my mom. She was out, hadn’t turned yet. I ended it.

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Make Me Choose
asked Meghan Chambler or Sophia

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been a part of. Everywhere you go, people watch it. A lot of people tell me they don’t watch TV, but they watch The Walking Dead. It’s incredible.

You got a weak boy. You ain’t got the first clue on how to fix it.